5 Things to Avoid When Providing Customer Service

It is noble to improve your customer service offerings. However, it may prove more difficult than you expected in practice.

A woman offering customer service.

Customers have more choices than ever and are able to expect higher quality service in an increasingly globalized world. 

There is a lot of information online about best customer service practices, but it's equally important to know what to avoid. These are five things you should avoid when offering customer service.

Putting People on Hold

Being put on hold is one of the most hated experiences in life. It's a horrible experience, from the repetitive hold music to the automated phone menu. 

Many callers will hang up and dial the competition. This is a quick way to frustrate customers that you are trying to prioritize.

Instead of placing callers on hold, you can outsource your administrative tasks to a virtual receptionist. 

We expect everything to happen quickly and almost instantaneously in today's digital world. Customers expect the same from call centers when it comes to customer service. Call centers are able to manage calls and make a professional impression. 

Customers feel that their needs are being addressed, and employees don't have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

Ignoring Feedback

Data-based customer services are all the rage. Everywhere you turn, requests for feedback are bombarding customers. Although surveys are helpful, 53 percent believe that feedback is not given to those who can make meaningful changes.

Many people believe their voices won't be heard, so they don't bother to file complaints. They choose to move their business elsewhere. Sometimes, angry customers might even tell their family and friends to leave your company.

This dynamic can be solved by: Don't ignore feedback. Asking for feedback from customers is a great way to show that they are valued. 

Listen to their feedback and let you know if there are any changes. Brand enthusiasts who are passionate about the company feel connected to it. 

We create a sense of community by validating feedback from our customers. This will encourage return visits for many years.

Limiting Availability

The importance of work/life balance has been emphasized in recent years. Customers have become more accustomed to being able to contact businesses at all hours of the day.

This paradox might seem odd. How can you value employee time while still providing excellent customer service? Some business owners may feel that they have to choose between the needs of their staff and those of customers.

Call centers can be added to your business plan to help increase profits and still accept new customer requests. 

Because customers have more demands than you can answer, the more calls that you answer will increase the number of customer requests. 

Because they follow scripts that are created to collect customer intake information, call centers are the best choice.

Neglecting Training

Diamonds in the rough are customer service professionals who provide quality customer service. Even the most brilliant diamonds require a little guidance to realize their potential. 

Customer service representatives often get thrown to the wolves without any training. Lower performance is a result of less knowledge about products, services, and organizational policies. 

This leads to lower profits over the long term. Even worse, customers may be alienated if there is no training.

Consistency is the key to customer service. Customer service employees can quickly become burnt out. 

It is not uncommon for them to have to deal with stressful conversations. Call centers are here to help. Your organization can maintain consistent quality standards by screening and handpicking only the most qualified receptionists.

Forgetting Empathy

Customers are, first and foremost, human beings. Businesses that resort to automated phone menus start the conversation wrong. These menus aren't able to answer specific questions and don't offer a human experience. Customer service is all about empathy. 

However, we can lose sight of its importance when stressed or overwhelmed. Frustration can result from not understanding customers' needs or failing to show support.

Call centers solve this problem. Customers feel heard by having an engaged professional on the other end of the phone.

Your business's call center professionals can answer any questions you may have and ensure that no customer is left behind.

Although you may be able to offer this service in-house, employees might become frustrated and overworked by the constant ringing of their phones. Partner with a call center company whose employees love to smile and have a calm tone no matter the situation.

Customer Service Using Common Sense

Since ancient times, people have practiced customer service. Good news! You don't have to invent the wheel. 

You can develop customer service policies based on what drives and inspires customers to shop with your company.

Training, empathy, and outsourcing partners can all go a long way in creating the customer experiences you have always envisioned. 

A happy customer is a reflection of a happy company. It's worth taking a moment to reflect on your customer service offerings.


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